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Huntik13 on 7th Apr 2021, 10:59 PM

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VEN!!! T0T Everyone need to leave the poor guy alone! Ven is good, righteous, and kind, and does not deserve to be constantly hurt by people that he hold close to his heart!!! And certainly does not deserve to feel like crap to the point of wanting to die!! Norden is making a scary face and lashing out of Ven!

SILGHT ERROR: In the first panel, the first sentence need to be re-written. Depending what you want Norden to convey here some suggestions:

"Why did you protect the bastard?"

"Why protect the bastard?"

"Why do you want to want to the protect the bastard?"

In the second half, change "this hybrid were..." to "THAT hybrid were..."

In the fifth panel, change "brave, honored, and that..." to "brave and HONORABLE, and that...

Ink-Mix Studio on 8th Apr 2021, 12:21 PM

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Thank you, Huntik13!