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Ink-Mix Studio on 8th Nov 2022, 3:29 PM

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The End! 😍

We’d like to thank you all that have read Entropia.

Entropia was originally written in novel format, and there is a second book we want to bring you in comics. The sequel is linked to a goal on Patreon to help us cover the cost of translation and give us the stability to focus on the comic.

We’ll be posting on Patreon new information about the story’s sequel as well as the designs of the characters in this new chapter on Entropia’s journey. And, as soon as possible, short comics related to the recent resolution of the story.


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Huntik13 on 9th Nov 2022, 12:20 AM

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Congrats on finishing Book 1!! \^0^/ I can't wait to see Taavi's next adventure with Raskin, Khedri, and Indryr in Book 2!

SLIGHT ERROR: In first panel pf Page 73, it should be "I was told THAT Your Majesty..."